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March 2019

2018 Reverse Raffle to benefit VIMCare Clinic

Thank you to all who supported the 23rd Annual Reverse, “Wouldn’t it Be Nice”, to benefit VIMCare Clinic!  $176,745 was raised at the event to help those who are uninsured or underinsured in our community and we could not have done this without your help.  Your support allows for VIMCare to continue the critical “wrap-around” services they provide for vulnerable patients including:

  • Behavioral Health: Did you know 40% of the patients VIMCare serves come in for behavioral or mental health needs?

  • Case Worker Services

  • Financial Navigator

  • Translation Services:  Did you know that VIMCare offers translation services to all of their patients?  The device is called Martti and it calls a translator who talks with the patient and VIMCare staff in real time, helping address the patients’ needs on the spot.

  • Co-pays for medications and medical specialists

Your generosity makes a difference!


Pedaling for Parkinson's
Parkinson's Disease is a neuromuscular degenerative disorder related to dopamine underproduction.  While there is no know cure for Parkinson's, research has shown forced intensity exercise is a know benefit.  However, availability of specialty classes and experienced trainers are few and far between.  Fortunately, a local gym, Trionic Functional Fitness, has offered Rock Steady Boxing classes for those with Parkinson's since 2016.  Now, with the $21,449 in support from CRH Foundation, they are also able to offer Pedaling for Parkinson's.  This grant allowed the gym to purchase 10 stationary bicycles and 1 heart monitoring system, enabling them to provide the first Pedaling for Parkinson's class in the state of Indiana.


Planned Giving News
Your life plan should reflect what is important to you – loved ones, ensuring care for yourself and charities you value.

Often, people put off planning for tomorrow. Reasons include being young, middle age or too old. Or, reasoning that it will get done soon or in the near future. Unfortunately, time can get away from you. And, suddenly, planning is overwhelming or too difficult to tackle. Then, even the best planning is meaningless without ensuring that the plan is understood.

As you consider your plan, start by gathering documents and instructions pertaining to where things are located in one place. Decide who will implement your plans in the event of medical necessity – family, a friend, an attorney. Discuss your wishes with that person and show them where to find all important documents, even providing copies of important documents. Should you wish to leave your documents with your attorney, share the name and contact information with your chosen representative.

Items may include -
  • Copy of will
  • Life insurance policies
  • Record of assets
  • List of those to contact at time of death
  • List of those to whom to send a death notice
  • Online accounts, usernames and passwords
  • Funeral or cremation contract
  • Details for how you wish your life to be celebrated including charities you wish to receive memorials
No matter the kind or amount of your assets, plan for how you wish for them to be shared. Consider the people important to you and consider including charitable causes in your plan. There are simple ways to include charity for giving during life as well as upon your passing. I would be happy to talk further with you confidentially about the many opportunities to support Columbus Regional Health Foundation.

Something will always be in the way. Start today.

Ellen M. Brunner
Director, Gift Planning
Columbus Regional Health Foundation

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